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Discover how zipBoard caters to the unique document review and management needs of AEC teams. Explore the features and workflows designed to optimize your document review and approval workflows for your construction projects. Watch the Videos.

How to Review Overview of Construction Submittal & Document Review Process
Complete Construction Submittal & Document Review Process
How to Approve and Digitally Sign Off on Documents
How to Track Individual Tasks and Reviews
Managing Review Cycles
Sharing Digital Assets with Consultants
How to Add RFIs and Comments for Document Reviews
How to Invite Architects, Engineers, and Other Reviewers
How to Add Submittals
Streamline Construction Submittal & Design Review Processes
Shop Drawing Review Process
Discover the Future of Construction Management
Construction Document Collaboration
Document Review and Approval Workflow
Managing Document Reviews from a Centralized Hub - EO Case Study
Integrated Workflows - GP Strategies Case Study
Best Ways to Manage Project Participants in the Pre-Construction Phase
Document Collaboration and Submittals in the Pre-Construction Phase
Reviewing Adobe Captivate File as Collaborator
Reviewing Adobe Captivate File as Guest - No Login
How zipBoard Solves Document Management and Collaboration Challenges in the AEC Industry

Streamline Your AEC Document Operations and Management with zipBoard

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