zipBoard Is The Simplest E-Learning Review Tool

zipBoard is suited for teams of all sizes and everyone in the team

Integrated tools like Articulate Review, as part of Storyline 360, are excessive for most teams. Teams are forced to buy licenses for the entire suite of tools and cannot subscribe to just one review tool. This is not practical for everyone.
zipBoard is flexible as per the needs of your team. Product Manager, Subject Matter Expert (SMEs), or Instructional Designer – everyone does not need to install an authoring tool or LMS – they can all stay on the same page with zipBoard.

zipBoard is flexible
  • Complete E-Learning review tool, no matter what the team size
  • Teams can subscribe for plans based on projects
  • Non-technical stakeholders can use zipBoard easily
  • Add unlimited collaborators to review and share feedback
  • One project is free forever with zipBoard
  • No need to follow rigid pricing plans

zipBoard is compatible with all kinds of eLearning courses

Each team has varied requirements for their projects and use different authoring tools. They need one review tool that is compatible with all e-Learning authoring tools across the board. Whether your team is using a conventional authoring tool, a website based instructional system, or custom HTML tools, zipBoard works with for all eLearning projects.

website and elearning feedback tool
  • zipBoard supports all major authoring tools
  • Articulate, Captivate, Lectora, Adapt, Elucidat, iSpring or a custom HTML solution – zipBoard works with SCORM content or a website based system
  • Works with responsive courses too
  • Adjust screen resolution and review courses for multiple devices
  • Browser and environment information is automatically collected
  • Review non-linear courses as well, not just slide-based review

zipBoard offers better bug tracking for your e-Learning courses

Conventional bug tracking tools like Bugzilla or Redmine are an overkill for reviewing e-Learning courses. They have a cumbersome and complicated setup and require significant installation on the user’s end. Neither do these tools provide contextual feedback to collaborators. zipBoard is a lightweight out-of-the box solution that has instant setup. It fits into your workflow. Filter through issues based on screen resolution, priority or bug type. See all the issues in one place. A bug tracking tool that support all your e-Learning content.

  • Easy and extensive collaboration features for communicating with your team
  • No installation or special training required to use zipBoard
  • Track everything in your e-Learning course review from one tool
    Message collaborators from within the application
  • Team members are automatically notified when a task is assigned to them
  • Seamless integration with JIRA for better project management capabilities
  • Integrates with Slack as well for better team communication

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