We have been working hard to get your reviews faster and better. So, we have recently launched two big features which you will be excited to check out for sure!

Integration with JIRA

Did you notice that now you can integrate your zipBoard projects with JIRA?

JIRA is a popular bug tracking and project management software. Now you can integrate your zipBoard project with a project in JIRA. Integrating your zipBoard project with JIRA automatically adds and updates all the issues created in zipBoard to the mapped JIRA project. Once you integrate, it is all in real-time and automatic! No extra clicks required!

You don’t need to change the workflow you are already following, zipBoard just makes the process easier by making the feedback visual rather than lines of text.

Just need to integrate once per project and you are good to go! To read more about what’s and how’s of it, go here.

If you’d rather give it a try yourself, simply log in and start reviewing.


Review and track your bugs in Firefox also now!

Yes, we know, many of you have asked for it. So here it is! zipBoard now functions fully in firefox also. All you need is an extension to start taking screenshots, adding comments, assigning tasks, and all the other good stuff.


Want to read more about zipBoard’s features? Check out our FAQs.

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