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Working on PDF documents often requires quick markup and feedback from stakeholders. Users who work on PDF files have the tools for marking up and adding comments using zipBoard to annotate pdf without having to buy additional licenses for each reviewer. It reduces the time needed for collecting feedback on PDF documents on separate systems and then compiling that feedback into spreadsheets separately. It also reduces the cost of buying multiple licenses for each stakeholder – otherwise needed for the native PDF annotations. Teams and organizations can now collect feedback and collaborate better by annotating pdf directly in their system.

So, how do you annotate PDF documents? Here’s a small clip showcasing the process:

Connect Your Document Management System/ ERP to Annotate PDF

zipBoard gives you the flexibility to upload documents and their versions directly into a zipBoard project or add a hosted PDF document from your server to zipBoard’s project. Using our out-of-the-box APIs you can also connect your internal ERP to a zipBoard project and automate the process of adding the document endpoint to zipBoard – keeping all your documents and their versions on your server. This avoids the need for uploading documents at multiple stores and also creates a safer and more cohesive workflow.

upload multiple file types in zipBoard
Uploading PDF documents in zipBoard

PDF Annotations

comment and annotate pdf in zipBoard's pdf annotation tools
Markup using the varying review tools

The PDF annotation features let you draw various annotations, add text comments, add drawings ( rectangle, arrow, lines), add stamp/ images, signatures, checkboxes etc. The comments added to the PDF documents can be shared also with other stakeholders with different permissions. The same document can be viewed and reviewed by different stakeholders based on the permissions that you share with your stakeholders, vendors, clients.

Flexible Sharing with zipBoard to annotate pdf
Flexible Sharing with stakeholders in zipBoard

Annotations and commenting features give your team better collaboration features. Your vendors, stakeholders can comment or reply to existing comments to discuss specific details. Once these comments are added they can also be accessed in a table view for better search and filtering operations. The added comments can be sorted by using filters based on the date added, the person who added them, tags, etc. 

Easily Filter Tasks in zipboard f
Filter tasks as per need

Print PDF Documents With Markups

You can now save or print the annotated document into a PDF as well to share outside of zipBoard. This makes it easy to refer to the printed version for sharing and documentation purposes.

annotate pdf, print and generate punchlists for Managing Construction Submittals in zipBoard's pdf annotation and submittal approval software
Print pdf documents with the markups

For more information on how to activate the Stamp and signature features, please contact us.

Navigating the PDF Documents

Table of Contents and the skip pages features make it easy for anyone to skip to a specific page making it easy for large documents. The list of comments on the right-hand side of the PDF documents also makes it easy to jump to a specific comment by clicking on it.

right side navigation containing all comments to annotate pdf in zipBoard
Side navigation with all comments for easy access

The easy navigation and zoom functionality make it easy to add notes quickly – making collaboration faster and helping reviewers annotate PDF documents with ease.

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