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zipBoard helps teams communicate feedback with their stakeholders faster and better.

Collect feedback directly in your product, app, courses, videos, etc. Use comments, screenshots, and video to provide deeper context.

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A better way for teams to collaborate

Easily share digital assets and collect in-context feedback on websites, courses, videos, PDF documents.


Review content, websites, and other assets with clients and stakeholders.

Share feedback quickly using comments, screenshots, and
annotations directly in the asset.

Software Developers

Reproduce issues shared by stakeholders with visual
and environment information.

Keep track and manage bugs.


Deliver projects faster, with
centralized review and issue

Understand issues and stay aligned throughout the project lifecycle.

Product Managers

Collaborate and share feedback at every stage of the design process.

Save time by eliminating guesswork and streamlining workflows.

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Whether in the office or in the the field, streamline the feedback process between the internal and external stakeholders.

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