Hassle Free Collaboration & Bug Tracking with zipBoard & Slack

Integrate with Slack in a few simple steps

1. Click on “Add to Slack” button in project settings

2. Select your team

3. Select the channel to which you want to send your project activity to

4. And you are done! Read all your updates from zipBoard without leaving slack.

Why should you Integrate?

1. Once your project is connected, following updates are automatically pushed to the slack channel :

  • New URL or file added
  • When a website is reviewed and new comments are added
  • New comments or tasks created
  • Collaborators added to the project
  • An existing task resolved

2. Can add replies/comments to your zipBoard task without leaving slack

3. Can directly add zipBoard tasks from integrated slack channel.

The integration only takes less than a minute to set up. Get started now!

Collaborate with your team and clients better using zipBoard

Sign up and start collaborating with your team! No credit card required.

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