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Streamline Architectural Design Operations with zipBoard

Architectural firms often grapple with challenges such as obtaining timely approvals from all parties, dealing with project delays and rising costs, adopting solutions that fail to integrate seamlessly with their current tools, and enduring time-consuming manual processes.

Moreover, architects also find themselves burdened by non-design tasks like managing documents and handling too many emails. These challenges not only slow down their productivity but also hinder their creativity.

Want to increase operational efficiency by 80% and complete projects faster? zipBoard can help

zipBoard for Architectural Firms

zipBoard is a cloud-based document management and collaboration software that lets your entire team collaborate in a central hub. No need to buy licenses for each user. Seamlessly integrate it with your existing workflow, track tasks easily, and finish projects faster

By getting this brochure, you'll learn how zipBoard enables AEC teams to:

Streamline design review operations, enabling each employee to save 2 hours per day

Organize and manage all project documents in a central hub with all stakeholders

Centralize communication and acollaboration

Streamline workflows with integrations via APIs

Enhance reporting and tracking

Get the Brochure and see how zipBoard can help your AEC team

Increase operational efficiency by 80%. Complete projects 50% faster.


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