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QA Review Playbook

Everything You Need to Know About Managing Quality Assurance Review on Different Types of Content

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By getting this eBook, you will:

Understand how to QA review digital content.

Provide contextual feedback easy for content owners to resolve.

See how to collate and manage all QA feedbacks.

Get a print-ready playbook to help you along the QA review/approval process.

Learn how to collaborate seamlessly with multiple QA and content owners.

Find actionable steps to implement across your team.

More about the free resource

A modern QA review process is paramount to the success of any content.

Why? There are four main reasons.

  • More than 60% still rely on spreadsheets and screen-share meetings for their reviews.
  • Optimized resource allocation for the team
  • Early detection of mistakes
  • 35% of companies admit they include non-testers in their QA process.
  • So, without a streamlined QA process, feedbacks stay all over the place – with no context.

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