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zipBoard & Your Cloud Document Store/DMS: An Architectural Firm Case Study

EO embraced innovation and digital collaboration by integrating zipBoard into their DMS and SAP ERP system.

This integration improved their document management, resulting in an 80% increase in operational efficiency and so many remarkable results.

architectural design operations and document management

zipBoard is a cloud-based document management and collaboration software that lets your entire team collaborate in a central hub. No need to buy licenses for each user. Seamlessly integrate it with your existing workflow, track tasks easily, and finish projects faster

In this case study, you'll learn how zipBoard enabled EO achieve the below results and how you can do same:

EO’s efficiency in managing technical submittals skyrocketed, witnessing an impressive 80% increase.

EO seamlessly handled the influx of 11,000 documents annually without previous bottlenecks and delays.

EO experienced improved real-time tracking and automated reporting.

EO achieved substantial cost savings and contributed to environmental sustainability by reducing paper usage by 80

Read the case study and see how you can achieve similar results to EO's


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