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Collaborating with SMEs and Clients during eLearning Course Development

Effective collaboration between a Learning and Development (L&D) team and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as well as clients is crucial for creating high-quality custom content. Download the checklist to guide and streamline your process.

collaborating with SMEs and clients

By getting this Checklist, you will:

Get a step-by-step checklist that covers the stages of the eLearning development process to guide your project.

Get access to a QA checklist to ensure your content meets industry standards.

Have a ready-to-use checklist for effective collaboration with SMEs and clients. You can also tailor it to your specific needs.

Learn how to streamline your collaboration with SMEs and clients and deliver courses 50% faster – with the Bonus section added in the Excel workbook.

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Enhance content quality, streamline collaboration and deliver courses 50% faster.


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