Streamline your Document Review and Approval Workflow with zipBoard

July 27


Bhavya zipBoard's CEO & co-founder


Bhavya Aggarwal

CEO and Co-Founder


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About the webinar

Say goodbye to time-consuming, complicated, and error-prone workflows, and discover how zipBoard can help you to simplify the entire document review process – thereby enabling you to save time and ensure efficient collaboration among internal and external stakeholders.

document review and approval workflow

During the webinar, our CEO, Bhavya will address the challenges faced by all stakeholders involved in the document review and approval process.  She’ll give you a step-by-step walkthrough on how zipBoard helps you solve these challenges and ensure a streamlined document review and approval process.

If you’ve been struggling with overwhelmed approvers, unclear expectations, lack of visibility, version control issues, difficulty in tracking changes, poor communication and collaboration, and technological challenges, join us and see how we can help you achieve your document approval goals!

Best part?

You would have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers in real time. So come armed with questions because Bhavya is ready to give the answers you need to help you streamline your document review and approval workflow!

In the live webinar, Bhavya will cover:

📝 Challenges faced by stakeholders in the document review and approval process and how to tackle them

🎯 How to set up a simple document review hub in zipBoard

🚀 Contextual collaboration and annotation tools in zipBoard to help streamline your document review and approval workflow

🙋‍♂️ Q&A and suggestions

Watch the recording here.


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