We, at zipBoard, always continue to strive to give you the best visual annotation and bug tracking tool. A tool that has to be lightweight, easy to use, smooth, and easily adaptable so that it can be picked up swiftly by all the team members, collaborators, and clients. Not just that, it must contain all the features that will make your work easier and effortless.

Keeping all of that in mind, we have added even more features to our new web extension. An extension that is perfect for all of your bug tracking and task management needs. An extension that is not only lightweight, easy to use, smooth, and easily adaptable but also contains all of the features that will make your work feel like a cakewalk.

Setting Up

1. Add to your browser, and you are set

The functionality and usability of our new extension are not limited to only our web app. With our new and improved web extension*, you can use zipBoard’s tools on basically any web page that you visit, saving you a lot of time and effort.

*Use Google Chrome for the best experience.

2. Get started in no time

With our seamless on-boarding tour, you can get on with your work almost immediately. You can skip it or watch it again if you get rusty.

What's new?

Annotate without taking a screenshot

With our new live annotation feature, you can directly annotate on the web page without taking a screenshot, which will be saved as a screen for later review. Learn more.

Review a web project directly

With our upgraded web extension, you can review a website or a web project without adding the URL in a particular project in zipBoard. Just open the webpage and click on the extension icon, you will be ready to go.

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