Ok one more time we are writing something which is widely spoken about. Its all about time honey! so here are the ten points on time management at startups (i am a guy kawasaki fan, you know) ; once again no big deal, this is straight from heart and experience

1. You will never be short of time at your startup because you have full 24 hours, your business is the single most important thing you are doing so nothing else can take priority

2. Few other things which shall take your time is…. sleep, get good sleep every day and some exercise. this will be enough to keep you going; if your heart is in your idea you’ll barely need any thing else to relax

3. Break your day in 15 to 30 mins slot: and then fit your priorities in those slots ‘cos there will be so much to do that its easy to get nothing done in a day

4. You will be an individual contributor, leader, strategist, marketeer, ceo, accounting clerk all in one and that too with in a day so its time you learn multiple role plays

5. Be organized; your data, emails, tasks, follow-ups, reminders you really have to be smart with all this; you cant afford to waste time in finding things you did yourself

6. If you are reading about something online switch off internet once you have found an appropriate thing, its so easy to get lost online, you’ll waste lot of time before you know

7. As co-founders spend as much time as possible together; you might work remote, you might have things to do on your own, but it is still important to be together as much as possible.

8. Avoid trivial activities; keeping meetings far away from office;spending too much time in traffic, wasting time for networking sake (real advantages of networking in some later blog) — avoid all these non productive things & plan well

9. Every morning decide one thing which you’ll do to move closer to your goal (1), every night review/recall one thing which you did to move ahead (2) , (1) & (2) will seldom be same but if you can list them everyday, it means you are making progress

10. The best quote i read about time is from Holiday Inns founder Kemmons Wilson , “Work only half a day. It can be either the first 12 hours or the last 12.” this is so so applicable to the startup founders

-Nitin @ ZipBoard

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