Slack Integration

Slack is a real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams. Integrating your zipBoard project with Slack delivers all the updates about that project and your collaborators in a single slack channel.

How to integrate?

To integrate Slack with zipBoard you need to be a Project Owner in zipBoard. To check out the process view the tutorial or follow the instructions here to ensure that the integration is proper :

  1. Go to Settings
    zipBoard project settings from explorer
  2. And select “Add to Slack” option Add to slack button for adding slack integration
  3. Select your team Select your slack team
  4. Select Channel where all the collaborators will be notified about the changes on the board and Click on “Authorize” Select your slack channel
  5. And you are done! Read all your updates from zipBoard without changing your workflow

How to remove integration?

Removing Slack integration from your project is just a click away :

  1. Go to the Remove Button as indicated in the image.
  2. Option to remove slack integration

How to edit integration?

You can edit your Slack settings (like, changing teams or changing channel) by perforrming the following steps:

  1. Go to the Edit Button as indicated in image.
  2. Option to edit slack integration
  3. Select the changes you want to do to channel or team and you are good to go
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