Review Board

What is Review Board?

ReviewBoard is a platform to view your resources and to review them simultaneously(or simultaneously share your feedback with the team)When you launch Review Board for the first time, you will see your web project open inside zipBoard along with an option to take screenshots.

Take a Screenshot of live project by clicking on camera icon.

Clicking on the camera icon, takes the screenshot of the visible area and switches to the review mode.Once in the review mode, you can toggle back to browse more using the browse button next to the camera icon. For more options, when in the review mode, see image below:

Various options for annotation and viewing available in review mode.

  1. Clicking on Browse button you can scan through the URL and on clicking on Review you can share feedback.
  2. A toolbar to access draw and view options for the screenshot taken. Options include rectangle, arrow, pencil, comment, pan, zoom in, zoom out, hide/show, fit-to-width.
  3. When you add a comment, you have an option to add it either as a comment or task.
  4. All your boards/screenshots can be accessed through the boards tab.
  5. Tasks for the current board can be accessed from here.

What are Boards?

When reviewing your products in zipBoard, you can take screenshots by clicking on the little camera icon on the top right. These screenshots are presented as Boards which are ready to be reviewed. You can comment, draw, and do a lot more on your Boards, and you can create as many of them as you want. Navigate to different boards by clicking on boards button

What’s the whole set of tools available on Reviewboard

The tools help you either draw on your boards, or view your boards better. Just like your options in snagit or paint, only simpler.
Annotation tools include: comment, rectangle, pencil, arrow, erase.
Viewing tools include: pan, zoom-in, zoom-out, fit-to-width, hide/show. Various annotation and viewing tools available on reviewboard

How can I access my content back; once I have started a review session?

Toggling to browse mode you can access your content anytime. Toggle between browse and revivew mode

I can’t access the ReviewBoard. What might be the issue?

zipBoard uses Google Chrome extensions to make sure two things happen: a. You’re able to open any website for review (read more here).
b. You’re able to create Boards for commenting and annotations.
If you ignored 'the download extension message' when you first used the application, you can download them right here.

I can’t install zipBoard’s Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox extensions. What could be wrong?

Google Chrome/Mozilla firefox doesn’t allow you to add extensions when incognito, so make sure you’re not using an incognito/private mode window to add the extension. If that’s not the case, then please send us an email at
If you need to access zipboard extensions when incognito click here.

How to use the responsive test feature of zipBoard?

Start a review session, then select the screen resolution from the dropdown to see how your website looks like in the selected screen resolution. Click to take screenshot wherever required and add comments. zipBoard responsive test feature

How to add my screenshots/Images to reviewboard?

What you need to do is simply drag and drop or browse to upload your images to reviewboard. Then you can annotate and add tasks and comments to them as any other board on the reviewboard and can track it. zipBoard responsive test feature

How to reorder my boards?

It’s simple drag and drop, just drag the board you wish to move; to the desired location and drop it there. Now your board numbers will automatically update accordingly. zipBoard responsive test feature

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