What’s the difference between Owner, Manager, and Reviewer?

We created these titles for administrative ease.
Owner: Someone who owns an enterprise account and can add managers to an organization. If you are someone who has delivery responsibility for your organization and will be responsible for the upkeep of the organization account, then you are the owner.
Manager: Usually a project manager in an organization. Manager has the permission to add, delete, and edit projects. Manager can also add more reviewers to existing projects.
Reviewer: Someone who collaborates with other team members on a project. Reviewer has the permission to add new files for reviewing to an existing project.

Can I belong to multiple Organizations from one zipBoard account?

Yes, you can be a part of multiple organizations using one account (email address). All projects under an organization will show up together, and you still have the space to manage your personal projects. But this option is available just for enterprise accounts.

How do I work with clients in my Organization?

If you don't want your clients to add new projects, you can add them as Reviewers in your projects.
You can contact us at to learn more about the privileges for different roles.

How do I create an organization? I don’t see the option anywhere.

The Organization feature is not publicly enabled for everyone. If you need it, you can send us a request on and we’ll enable it for you.

Why am I added to all the projects in my organization?

If you’re the owner of the organization, then any time a manager creates a project in your organization you will be added to it by default.

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