Added to a Project ...What next ?

As a collaborator to any project you can:

  1. Add a new file/URL if it has already not been added to the project. For accessing the option to add content, go to Review tab from your project.

    Add a new file/URL if it has already not been added to the project

    Once on the review page, you get an option to upload zip files or add URL. Based on your project, you can do any one of the two options. Once your content is added, you are ready to Start review.

  2. If invitee has already uploaded the content, clicking on Review tab will give you an option to "Start Review".

    As you click on Start Review, you will be navigated to the Reviewboard in a new tab. If you are reviewing for the first time, you will be prompted to add your extensions. To read more about extensions, go here. You can read more about reviewboard and the options available here.

    Naviagte to reviewboard by clicking on 'Start Review' option

Created a task ;what next?

Once a task is created, a dialog box will show up. This is what it looks like: zipBoard allows multiple editing options for the tasks created
You can do multiple operations as indicated here to populate the task information.

  1. Download this Board.
  2. Go to this Board.
  3. Rename this task.
  4. Assign this task to a Collaborator.
  5. Toggle switch for task type: Bug or Enhancement
  6. Toggle switch for task priority: Low or High
  7. Change task status : Open, In Progress, Resolved, Closed or Re Open
  8. Add description for this task.
  9. Add your comments.
  10. See task activity feed.

At Review Board options like delete, edit, assignee, priority, task-type, task-status are available for quick access. Reviewboard allows multiple editing options for tasks while bug tracking

  1. Click the edit icon indicated here to make any changes to the added task.
  2. Task can be deleted from here. You will see this option only if you have managerial permission to delete the task.
  3. Any collaborator can add a reply to the comment here.
  4. Assignee of the task is displayed here.
  5. Status, type and priority of the task are indicated here.

How to update your file version without loosing the previous versions?

Whenever you wish to update your previously existing file in any of your zipBoard project, you can do that by simply updating the version of your previous file by clicking on the update icon (marked 1).

update version zipBoard

By updating version you don’t lose your earlier data, you can always access it by clicking the edit icon(marked 2) corresponding to the version you wish to access or edit.

How can I archive/restore back my zipBoard project?

That’s just a click away. Click options icon for the corresponding project and hit archive from the dropdown list.

project archive zipBoard

Whenever you need to access your project in the future, click your archived project and you’ll see restore option. Just click restore and you are good to go.

project unarchive restore zipBoard

But if you have exceeded your limit for number of projects and you still wish to restore one of your archived projects, then you have two options :

  1. Either archive any of your active projects or
  2. Simply upgrade your plan.

While updating version I just see only one option either to upload SCORM or add URL. Why?

This is so because here you are adding a new version of your previous project so the format will be the same as previous version. That is why you are shown up an option to add a new file of same format as you added earlier. If in any case you wish to add the file in different format you should go for a new project not a new version.

My mails are not delivered? What to do?

This would happen if your mail server is bouncing zipBoard mails.To avoid that contact your IT department to whitelist mails from zipBoard.

Don’t forget to check the spam folder. If either of the above is not the case then you can contact us at support@zipboard.co

I have already added some comments. But now I need to update them to tasks, can I do it?

Sure, you can update your comments to tasks. Just click on the ‘plus’ icon and validate. Now, your comments will show up as tasks.

update comments to task

I need to share my zipBoard project with my stakeholders but don’t want to add them as collaborators. Is there a way to do that?

Yes, why not. Simply click the share icon on the review page and tick the checkbox if you wish to give commenting rights for the project being shared. The default link that is generated to share is a view only link(where the viewer cannot add comments but can view all the existing boards). To share the link either copy paste the link or simply add email ID.

zipboard-share share-options
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