What is zipBoard?

zipBoard is a bug tracking and visual feedback tool which lets software teams take screenshots and assign tasks while browsing their web-based (web-apps, websites and E-learning) products. It makes collaboration among agile teams easier. You can either use zipBoard when iterating over a new product or adding features to an existing one. It makes communication easier amongst web developers, designers, project managers and QA. A visual platform to stay updated on your web projects. It’s an online whiteboard on top of your website to discuss, comment, annotate, share feedback and assign tasks. No more emails, spreadsheets, skype calls to track issues for your web projects. zipBoard is a collaboration tool which makes bug tracking easier

What is zipBoard for?

Nowadays people want to collaborate visually for their web projects so that they do not have to write lengthy explanations for the issues that they see in the website, and they would pay good money for that because it takes a lot of time and effort to explain design issues with words, when you can do it with images.

If you have been struggling with reproducing or explaining bugs with traditional bug tracking systems like JIRA, you can annotate and collaborate over screenshots of your web project with zipBoard so that the issues can be easily reproduced after seeing the issue in a screenshot.

Who is zipBoard for?

zipBoard is a great tool for anyone who’s involved in the design and development process of a web-based product. Some of the people who we think are going to find zipBoard extremely useful are web developers, product managers, UX designers, graphics designers, project managers, and their respective clients.

What makes zipBoard different?

Today multiple tools are required to share feedback or file bugs during each iteration in a product lifecycle. Snagit, Jira, email, skype are required to be able to log bugs effectively on your product in progress. zipBoard lets you do it all at one place. You can browse through your product, take screenshots, report and assign a bug and also track its progress, all in zipBoard.

zipBoard is one of its kind of tool allowing bug tracking, reviews/feedback for e-learning courses and also web products. It is easy to use and offers real time collaboration.

How does zipBoard help me build better products?

Ease of Use: With zipBoard, you can simply add your staging URL or upload your SCORM files, and it will let you run the product as if in an actual browser window. You can take screenshots (called Boards) whenever needed with just one click, and can switch back and forth between the Play and Review windows without any hassle.

Visual Feedback: zipBoard allows you to exchange feedback in a number of ways, all visually expressive. You get to know exactly what needs to be changed or improved and in what manner.

Access Permissions: You can easily control who has permission to view and edit which projects.

Issue tracking using zipBoard - Bug tracking tool

How can I use zipBoard for elearning projects ?

You can review your SCORM (HTML5) courses in zipBoard. Currently, no mechanism exists to review an elearning SCORM course during production. You can upload your course file (.zip) created using any popular authoring tool in zipBoard and review it live.

How do I start?

Getting started with zipBoard is a simple 3 step process:

  1. Create a project and invite your team.
    Create zipBoard project
    Add collaborators to zipBoard
  2. Add Content by clicking on review tab.You get an option to upload zip files or add URL
  3. Add url or upload zip file
  4. Start Review. If it’s your first project then just add zipBoard extensions (zBReview Board & zBwebAssistant) for Google Chrome (or Firefox) & start reviewing.

Now you are good to go with your collaborators, content & extensions added. Start reviewing by browsing through your content and taking screenshots(boards) wherever required. You can comment, draw, and do a lot more on your Boards.For more details about reviewing with zipBoard click here.

Also you can edit your email preferences and profile picture by clicking on Edit settings in your profile.

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