I created a project. What next?

Cheers! There’s a whole world of possibilities open for you now. Let’s get you started on the basics. You can:

project guidline
  1. Add collaborators to your project by clicking on the + icon on the right or you can do it from collaborators icon on your left
  2. Add files/URLs to review by clicking on the “Review” button on the left panel.
  3. Send emails to your collaborators by clicking on the Mail icon on the right.
  4. And put any notes, comments and/or notifications for the team in project feed.

How can I add collaborators to my projects?

You can add collaborators using their email addresses or name (which will come as auto-suggest if you’re already associated to the person in any way on zipBoard). Collaboratos can be added using their usernames or email-ids

How can I remove collaborators from projects?

If you’re the Owner of the organization (for enterprise customers) or have created the project, then you have the privilege of removing anyone from it . You can access the option to remove once you click on Collaborators tab. You can read more about project privileges here. Collaborators can be removed by clicking on remove option in 'Collaborators' dialog box

Communicating with team members :

Zipboard is all about communicating; so you are provided with multiple options for that:

  1. If you want a generic message to be broadcasted to all the collaborators then you can either post it on the activity page or can broadcast an email to all of them using email collaborator option. Send generic mails to collaborators by eitherposting it on activity page or broadcast an email using email collaborator option
  2. If you want any collaborator to be notified for the message you are sending then you can mention the collaborator name using ‘@Collaborator Name’ or can email to the specific collaborator using email collaborator option
  3. If you need to knock out a chat while you are on review board you can create a comment or task; where you can also mention anyone using ‘@Collaborator Name’.
    zipBoard: Collaborator can interact on reviewboard
    On reviewboard you can create a comment or task

What is the watcher feature for and how to use it?

On adding any of your teammates as a watcher to any of the tasks he/she will receive all notifications regarding any updates to the task. Thus if wish anyone in particular to stay informed about some task then you can add him/her as a watcher to the task.

To add someone as a watcher simply click on the on the textbox next to watchers tab and select the collaborator from the dropdown and you are done. You can add multiple watchers to the same task if desired.

I have been invited as a collaborator but unable to see the project on my dashboard. What’s wrong there?

Make sure the email address, you are invited with is the same as the one with which you are trying to access it.Other possible reason might be that the owner has archived the project or might have exceeded the number of projects limit. Also,might be for some reason either the project is deleted or you may have been removed as a collaborator for the project.

I see a bell sign on my profile. What’s that for?

Whenever you get a personal notification, zipBoard will ring the bell for you. It could be someone adding you to a project, mentioning your name using the “@” function, or a number of things. You will get a notification a la Facebook, Twitter, what have you.

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