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Transform your design team’s construction submittal process with zipBoard’s digital content review and mark-up platform.






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Why AEC teams choose zipBoard

Secure storage of your data

With privacy as our top priority, we protect your data at a server or location you choose, ensuring you have complete control over it.

No licensing needed for externals

Your stakeholders or other externals can review and approve documents without signing up for zipBoard.

Unlimited seats

zipBoard empowers your entire team to seamlessly communicate and work on projects, regardless of size, without worrying about per-seat licensing costs.

Streamline review and approval workflows

Use 7+ design markup and annotation tools to quickly get reviews and approvals for all your documents with built-in workflows and integrations.

Flexible sharing options

Share PDFs as a link with clients & collaborators. Create access levels to ensure specific stakeholders, contractors, and vendors see only what they need without sharing everything with everyone.

Customized approval stamp and e-signature

Drag and drop your organization’s customized stamp from the review toolbar and add your personalized signature.

Sign off on submittals and manage pre-construction reviews from any device.

Project management

Assign tasks to your team and key collaborators while keeping project conversations in the zipBoard platform.

Every time you comment or add a markup to your file, it can be converted into an actionable task that will appear in the project’s task manager.

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Standard and custom integrations

Integrate zipBoard with your existing tools using zipBoard’s standard integrations for project management and communication. Or integrate your existing workflow and tools via zipBoard’s APIs for a seamless feedback and approval process on all projects

“The overall value comes from efficiently gathering feedback from our quality assurance team and any other stakeholders. This is very important because we want to ensure quality but at the same time, if we had to collect the feedback in another way and coalesce them, this would take time and effort that zipBoard makes easy for us. So it’s very valuable.”

John Just
Senior VP of Learning Innovation - KnowBe4

Pricing plan


Starts at $99/ mo

Ideal for a small team for quick collaborative reviews.


Starts at $199/ mo

Ideal for an agency with multiple managers to manage projects.



Flexibility of content volume, priority support and dedicated account manager.

Streamline your AEC document review operations with zipBoard


zipBoard provides a visual dashboard for all documents, allows for tagging, commenting, and tracking within documents, and supports browser-based access without requiring additional licenses.

It allows unlimited sharing and collaboration without requiring additional software installations, making it easier for external stakeholders to participate.

Licensing is based on the number of documents rather than the number of users. Plans can be adjusted based on the number of documents needed.

zipBoard follows industry-standard security practices and compliance measures to ensure data safety and integrity. Detailed information can be provided upon request.


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©️ Copyright 2023 zipBoard Tech. All rights reserved.